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Interim Controller Services

Shaking Hands

Did your Controller or CFO move on?  Have you outgrown your bookkeeper?  Are the business complexities becoming overwhelming? If you need a professional to assist in the turnover of information while you search for your next professional, we provide short-term CFO services with the intent of providing you with immediate help during the interim period so that your business doesn't have to slow down.


You can call us when you get the 2 week notice or when you've figured out that you can't quite wrap your head around the complex financial information while you search for a replacement.  We're available to get you across that bridge.


If you require a longer term solution, we also provide long-term controller services.  In this setting, our goal is to match your needs to the right people so that you are matching the right task to the appropriate person.  You'll never pay controller fees to do basic administrative tasks.  Using this methodology, we are able to provide controller services to small companies at a significant savings compared the cost of an in-house controller. 


If you think you've got needs in this arena, let's talk.

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