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Tax Services

Benjamin Franklin once said, "The only things certain in life are death and taxes." It's true, taxes are as unavoidable as death. But we believe filing your taxes doesn't have to seem so negative. At Shreeve Landry, we take pride in being the proactive type. Our job as your tax advisor is to make sure you claim every possible deduction, pay the least amount in taxes, or receive the biggest refund.


We love hearing from our clients throughout the year. We appreciate when they ask for tax advice. We offer each of our clients an additional service called a tax projection. This is usually done for owners of small businesses that want to get an idea of their tax situation before the tax year is over. It's a great planning tool and many of our clients take advantage of the additional service.


To receive a quote on how much we would charge to prepare your tax return, please schedule a quick appointment and fill out some information about yourself.



Individual Returns (Form 1040)
C-Corp Returns (Form 1120)
Partnership Returns (Form 1065)
Payroll Taxes (Federal & State)
S-Corp Returns (Form 1120S)
Amended Returns (Business and Individual)
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